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ADC was created in order to guide commercial development in the Andersonville business district. Our work has focused on parking, property taxes, helping manage the Andersonville SSA, and gathering data to promote Andersonville to businesses and investors who share a vision for a unique neighborhood of locally-owner retail, food, and service business. ADC works with the local chamber of commerce, businesses, aldermanic offices, and other organizations, to foster a healthy and vital neighborhood economy. We do this work to address a combination of challenges facing Andersonville including rising property taxes, threats to locally-owned business, and the loss of affordable housing.

Our efforts to promote a sustainable business district direct us into physical, social, and economic arenas. As such, we help provide financial assistance for building improvements; ensure the safe and attractive operation of the district through improvement and management efforts; promote the area to potential businesses and developers; advocate on behalf of property and business owners on development issues such as property taxes, zoning, and permitting; and conduct planning efforts to support and maintain the long-term health of Andersonville. To gain a deeper understanding of ADC’s role in the community, please visit the links below.


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