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About the Andersonville Development Corporation

The mission of the Andersonville Development Corporation (ADC) is to foster sustainable community and economic development in the Andersonville commercial district. ADC promotes responsible community growth that allows the area to continue to develop while also helping to sustain its current character and diversity.

ADC’s vision for the Andersonville business district is derived from the area’s rich history and robust community life. We celebrate the variety in types of businesses, residents, and customers who choose to make Andersonville their destination. A significant element of our “destination quality” lies in the unique aspects of our physical environment and our commercial offerings; we work hard to provide support to the local, independent businesses that exist here (learn more about Andersonville's businesses at the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce website). Additionally, ADC envisions Andersonville as a business district that is a model for both economic and environmental sustainability, showcasing how local businesses fuel the Chicago-area economy and how smart environmental practices are good for business.

ADC applies the following values to its work with the local chamber of commerce, businesses, aldermanic offices, and other organizations, to foster a healthy and vital neighborhood economy in Andersonville:
  • A vital component of Andersonville’s character is its Swedish heritage. This history deserves to be protected and cherished.
  • Andersonville’s business district, diverse in shopping and dining choices, is complimented by diversity in minority and women-owned businesses.
  • The small, independent businesses that currently make up most of Andersonville are unique and special; they are the reason Andersonville remains a destination spot.
  • Guiding future growth and development in Andersonville must include preservation of the community’s diversity of small businesses, building types, and people.
  • Efforts to reduce energy consumption and waste output can save businesses money, attract environmentally conscious shoppers, and make Andersonville a uniquely sustainable community.
  • Economic opportunities should be available to Andersonville’s lower income residents and minority business owners.
  • Active involvement of local business owners keeps the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce and numerous other neighborhood organizations strong; engaged business owners should be key targets for recruitment and retention efforts.
  • The Andersonville commercial district and the residential neighborhoods surrounding it each benefit from one another and both will succeed only through a mutually supportive partnership.
  • A safe neighborhood character and pedestrian-friendly streetscape are important components for both the business district and its surrounding neighborhoods.


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