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Retail Attraction & Market Research

On an ongoing basis, ADC compiles current and meaningful market data to help business and commercial property owners maximize their viability by responding to market trends. Available data includes current demographics and population characteristics, spending demographics, top retail attraction targets, consumer preferences, and peer community analysis.

If you are looking to open a new business or new location in Andersonville, contact Colleen O'Toole at 773-728-7552 to receive data tailored to your business sector.

To view ADC's 2012 Retail Retention and Attraction publication click here.

Andersonville Retail Economics Study

In the summer of 2012, Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood took part in a national study comparing the economic impact that locally owned, independent business have on local economies as compared to the impact of national chain businesses. The study was conducted in ten communities by the economic consultancy and strategic analysis firm Civic Economics.



The City of Chicago's website offers valuable zoning information. Many new businesses need to consider the zoning of their potential space if they are seeking a liquor license or special use permit.


Andersonville Business District Mapping

ADC tracks use and ownership changes in the commercial area to gauge the impact on the community's current retail mix.


Andersonville Demographics

Find more information about 2011 demographics for the Andersonville area that details both population characterstics and retail spending trends.

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