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The Andersonville Development Corporation assists existing and potential business owners through market data, available space, environmental sustainability, and promotional events.

Utilizing current Andersonville market data can help current business owners increase sales by responding to market trends and opportunities. Market data can help potential or expanding business owners identify those market opportunities here in Andersonville. Please contact ADC if you would like current market data.

Here are some helpful links:

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Our organization is also focused on maintaining an updated knowledge of relevelant policy impacts on small business operations in the City of Chicago and nationally. Some recent and emerging topics include:

Crowdfunding Act of 2012

Entreprenuer Access to Capital Act

Securities and Exchange Resources

Small Business Improvement Funds

City of Chicago TIFWorks Program for Employee Training

Small Business Compliance Incentives (EPA)

HUD Small Business Policies

What Small Businesses Need to Know - 16 Tax Cuts

Bills Passed by the House to Benefit Small Businesses, 2010